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This is Chapter 1 of the Municipal Code of Cambridge, Massachusetts, titled “Chapter 9.04 OFFENSES AGAINST PROPERTY.” It is part of Title 9, titled “Title 9 PUBLIC PEACE, MORALS AND WELFARE.” It’s comprised of the following 9 sections.

§ 9.04.010
Vandalism, destruction of property and other related offenses.
§ 9.04.020
Injuring or destroying public or private property.
§ 9.04.030
Trespassing on public property.
§ 9.04.040
Construction of fences—Dangerous materials.
§ 9.04.050
Defacing public property.
§ 9.04.051
Attaching Commercial Notices to Private Property Not Allowed.
§ 9.04.060
Sale of certain paints and markers.
§ 9.04.070
Throwing objects in streets or on bridges.
§ 9.04.080
Skateboarding Prohibited on City Property